April 19, 2022

Marketing Through the Ages

Bridger Hyer

Let’s turn the clocks back several centuries. Heck, let’s turn them back to the beginning of humanity. That’s right, the beginning.

Welcome to a world without hot showers, cars, or even cell phones (what a scary place). People then usually lived in tribes. At some point, people in the tribes started specializing in different tasks and roles as they farmed and created new technologies.

Once a person accomplished their role and produced whatever their specialty was, they would give of their services on the terms that they would also receive the other things they needed for survival. This started off on a pretty small scale, but this would be a very early example of a market. With markets, of course, comes marketing.

Marketing is a super broad term, it can encompass a lot. Marketing is a practice where a person or a group finds ways to reach others who need or want something that they can provide.

The idea and practice of marketing has basically always been around – it was interwoven in the lives of the earliest civilizations.

Photo by Fabian Barral on Unsplash

It probably wouldn’t be surprising if I told you that our day-to-day lives have been and are impacted by the practice of marketing.

If you were to stop and observe how omnipresent marketing is in our lives every day, it could feel a bit overwhelming. Every time you watch a basketball game, get on YouTube, or drive down the road, forms of marketing through advertisements bombard us.

This way of marketing is pretty obvious to us – we see it every day. There may be some effects caused by marketing, though, that may not be as obvious.

The very laws that construct our societies may often result from a politician or interest group making their ideas known and reachable through marketing.

In the world of politics, marketing plays a pivotal role in the results of elections. Politicians and their teams will market and advertise their election campaigns through commercial ads, social media posts, and many other ways.

Each politician also creates a brand identity, just like a business. The brand creates a perspective of the candidate and the issues and solutions they’re most interested in. People and media will be partial towards candidates who have brand identities they can relate to. Hence, whatever power a politician has while in office, they have because of their initial marketing campaign.

Forms of marketing affect every square foot of our societal house – from the foundation to the attic. Our laws result from marketing, the clothes I’m wearing result from marketing, the food I will eat for lunch results from marketing.

Photo by Donn Strain on Unsplash

From McDonald’s using red and yellow in their logo because it’s scientifically proven that people feel hungrier when they see those two colors together. To me buying Nike’s because I want to ball like Kobe. Or me buying a truck because I heard a commercial on the radio telling me that I’d get a great deal on it if I bought it this week.

Marketing is all around us and it’s becoming more and more sophisticated, accurate, and effective because its principles and practices have been around for ages.

Throughout history, we can see that those who have had brilliant ideas and who have been able to make their ideas become a reality are those who were able to market their ideas successfully. So, it is completely essential for any company, politician, or any person who has something to offer the world and needs people to know about it, to learn how to market in the best ways possible.

April 20, 2022
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Bridger Hyer
Bridger Hyer was born and raised in Utah and works as a copywriter at Establish. Hyer combines the tenacity and courage of the finest tradition of journalism with the stylish subtlety and profound insight of the born writer.
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